Tuesday, 01/11/2022

Pet dogs are often anxious and uncomfortable while visiting a vet. If a vet visit is stressful for your dog as well, follow these methods to ease dog anxiety:

  • Pick a less crowded timing

Avoid taking your dogs to the vet at peak hours. 

  • Make it a ‘happy visit’ for your pet.

Take your dog for a casual vet visit periodically before any painful procedures to remove the fear for a vet visit.

  • Desensitization Training

Train your dog to face challenges and gradually expose it to anxiety triggers. 

  • Exercise before the vet appointment

Engage your pet in any physical activity or exercise to exhaust its energy before the vet visit.

  • Practice exams at home

Regularly examine your pet’s ears and teeth and hold their paws at home. This will make physical examination habitual for your pet.

  • Go with your blanket or shirt.

Let your dog smell something familiar while entering the vet clinic. 

  • Reduce pet’s traveling anxiety

Some dogs feel that every car drive is for a vet visit. Take your dog for casual car drives to change its mindset.

  • Try anxiety aids

To minimize dog anxiety quickly, try anxiety aids, such as calming collars and pressure wraps.

If you find anxiety symptoms in dogs, arrange a vet visit at home, by finding a vet through greatvet.com