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Arman is a repeat technology founder and an obsessed pet parent to two adopted dogs,  Brutus and Grizzly. Arman has built over a dozen technology companies, with 4 exits to his name, most recently with the sales of A-Frame to GetUpside and has been experienced in building value add marketplaces for over 15 years. Arman started GreatVet for one simple reason, to connect great vets to great pets and hopefully impact pet’s,  their pet parents and their vets lives in a positive, healthy and enriching way. Arman has the utmost respect for the veterinarian community and quickly realized that they are all unique, and that his needs were unique too. Finding the best match was difficult , the traditional ways of getting referrals or location google searches were cumbersome and inefficient if you want to find the perfect balance of clinical expertise, care philosophy and emotional support.  GreatVet starts by being expert led, and giving a voice to vet’s to show their specialties and unique abilities while helping pet patients use the expert led platform to research, discover and connect with a vet that works perfectly for them with all the information they need at their fingertips. Saving valuable time, driving better outcomes and driving meaningful and successful relationships for vets, pets and pet parents.

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