Monday, 05/16/2022
Anemia in Cat: Causes, Symptoms & Prevention

Is your cat lethargic, has heavy breathing, and is disinterested in its favorite cat treats? It may be the signs of Anemia caused by the deficiency in red blood cells in a feline’s circulatory system. It is a severe health condition often caused due to other underlying health issues. However, Anemia in cats can be […]

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Friday, 05/13/2022
Cat with Itchy Skin: Causes & Treatment

Introduction Many cats may have itchy skin all year-round. It is a common skin infliction among cats. Indoor cats may be less prone to this as they are less exposed to allergens and other causes of itchy skin. Veterinarians call it feline pruritus. However, for the overall well-being of cats, pet owners must stay vigilant […]

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Friday, 02/18/2022
Best CBD Cat Treats for Anxiety

CBD products are available in various safe forms today. Cannabidiol (CBD) has been widely used for treating multiple behavioral issues among pets, including cats.  Veterinarians prescribe some medication to overcome anxiety among cats. Along with that, many CBD cat treats have been proven effective for anxiety among cats.  Your feline friends may be nervous or […]

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Thursday, 12/09/2021
Signs of Dental Problems in Cats

In both young and senior cats, dental disease is an ailment that is a matter of concern among cat parents. Up to 85% of cats over the age of three have some form of dental disease. The most common diseases witnessed among the felines are Gingivitis, periodontal disease- which is a progression from Gingivitis, and […]

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