Monday, 05/24/2021

Your cute pet dogs deserve to be happy and healthy, and you always strive to provide better care for them. Ensure better dental and oral health among your pet dogs by implementing some simple tips:
Importance of Regular Dental Cleanups

Studies indicate that about 80% of pet dogs have periodontal disease (gum disease) around their age of 3 years. 

Avoid Periodontal Disease 

It starts as an infection in the gums, damages the soft tissue, teeth may loosen and fall. Avoid this issue by regular dental cleanup.

Schedule Regular Dental Checkups

Regular dental checkups serve as a preventive measure, as they help retain the overall dental and oral health. 

Save on Medical Costs – Never Avoid Routine Dental Checkups

You save on medical costs up to 66% by taking your pet dogs for routine dental checkups.

Resolve Dental Problems At Early Stage

Routine dental checkups lead to early diagnosis and treatment of dental issues, which saves you further expenses when it is too late.

Routine Care Tips For Better Oral Health Among Pet Dogs

Dry & Healthy Dog Food

Provide healthy and nutritious dry dog food and treats. Wrong food may cause tooth decay and other dental problems. 

Brush Their Teeth Regularly

Brush the teeth of your pet dogs regularly. Start this habit when they are puppies. 

Provide Chew Bones & Chew Toys

Providing chew bones and chew toys to keep your pet dogs’ teeth cleaner.

Regular Visits To Pro Veterinarian 

Schedule periodic appointments with your veterinarian for dental checkups and cleanup. 

Visit Pro Veterinarian Whenever Something Is Wrong

Visit a vet when you see anything abnormal or unusual in your pet dogs, like an issue with their teeth, gums, and breath.