GreatVet offers extensive features and benefits. That’s why it stands apart from the other online vet discovery platforms. The following are a few crucial aspects:

  • Pet owners can find the best vet clinics and hospitals in their location with ease.
  • You can check GreatVet Reputation Score. It makes the selection process dependable. GreatVet provides scores based on an in-house algorithm, verifying various criteria.
  • GreatVet offers detailed information about vet clinics on their profile pages.
  • Pet owners can check the working hours of the desired vet clinic and plan their visits.
  • Pet owners can schedule an appointment with the clinic at the earliest.
  • GreatVet allows pet parents to search for clinics accepting a particular pet type.
  • Pet owners can look for vet specialties per their pets’ needs.
  • Pet owners can find vet clinics offering emergency care to their pets.
  • Veterinarians can improve their online presence by claiming their profile on GreatVet.
  • Veterinarians can avail themselves of top-notch marketing services through GreatVet.

GreatVet provides a transparent and data-driven experience. Pet owners get valuable insights about vets. Along with that, vets get new pet patients from their locality.

Technology plays a vital role by helping you choose the right veterinarian for your pets.

  • Pet parents can verify the background and reputation of a vet clinic.
  • They can filter the data according to their service preferences.
  • They can get location-specific information about vet clinics.

These crucial aspects make the search experience dependable, convenient, and simple for you.
With technology, GreatVet helps pet owners find the best vet for their pets in their vicinity.

A clinic profile on GreatVet has the following details:

  • Profile Status: Verified/Unverified/Premier Partner
  • Link to the clinic’s own website
  • Contact Number
  • Driving Directions
  • About the services offered:
  • Practice type, whether the vet clinic accepts new patients, walk-ins, and emergencies.
  • GreatVet Reputation Score
  • Website link
  • Working Hours

GreatVet’s Premier Partner clinic profiles have some more information, such as:

  • Pets cared for
  • Specialties
  • Services offered in the clinic

To book an appointment with Premier Partner clinics, click the “book now” button.

Emergencies with your pet may create a wave of panic for you and your family. If your pet meets an accident or if it is ill, you wish to take it to an expert veterinarian at the earliest. Your timely action can save your pet and help it recover faster.

GreatVet understands that you wish to reach the vet clinic at the earliest in an emergency. You can find vet clinics and well-equipped vet hospitals accepting emergencies. Follow these simple steps:

  • Visit using your favorite browser using any browser-enabled device.
  • You can navigate to the list of vet clinics in your area. Type in the city, county, neighborhood, or zip code in the search box on the homepage.
  • You can also click on your state from the interactive map. Another way is to click the list item showing your city or metro area in the ‘Find Vets by Location’ section.
  • You will get a page showing the list of vet clinics in your area.

GreatVet offers an ‘Emergency Accommodation’ filter on your left-hand side.
You can choose from:

  • Clinic
  • Animal Hospital
  • Urgent Care

As you choose one of the options, you will find a list of vet clinics or hospitals providing emergency care. Browse clinic profiles for the GreatVet Score, contact details, services, and working hours.

Schedule an appointment for your pet. For your convenience, GreatVet also provides driving directions from your location.

Another convenient option is to click on the ‘Find Veterinarian Near Me’ option on the footer. You get location-specific results for vet clinics and hospitals in your locality.

Then, you can use the ‘Emergency Accommodation’ filter to further refine the list. On applying the filter, you get the list of clinics offering emergency vet care to your pets.

Searching for emergency pet clinics and hospitals through GreatVet saves you valuable time. It provides data-driven results to help you get on-time medical care for your pet.

GreatVet echoes your concern about the health and wellbeing of your furry friends. GreatVet provides location-specific, data-driven, and honest information about veterinarians.

GreatVet helps you find veterinarian specialties in your area, for your convenience. You can reach the list of vet clinics in the desired city, county, neighborhood, or zip code area.

Use the search bar, interactive map, or ‘Browse Vets through Location’ section. As you reach the city or metro area page, you can find the ‘Specialties’ filters on your left-hand side. Select the desired specialty from the list:

  • Anesthesia – For administering anesthesia during surgical procedures
  • Animal Wellness – For wellness exams, diagnostics, preventive care, and treatments
  • Dentistry – For dental checkup, cleanup, and dental procedures
  • Behavior – For any behavioral issues in your pet
  • Dermatology – For skin-related problems in your pet
  • Nutrition – For dietary concerns, nutrition deficiency, and custom-designed balanced diet.

Click on the desired specialties from the filters. You will get a list of clinics in that area, offering your selected specialty service. You can browse clinic profiles, GreatVet Score and get contact details. GreatVet simplifies your search for vet specialties. It helps you book an appointment for your pet.

You wish to take your pet to a veterinarian in the shortest possible time. When your pets face any emergency, immediate medical attention is crucial. Timely care and treatment save your pet and help it recover faster.

Scheduling vet visits without disturbing work schedules is usually a priority. You prefer taking your pets to a vet beyond your office hours. Many vet clinics don’t operate early in the morning or till late evening. In such circumstances, you prefer consulting a veterinarian as fast as you can.

Travel distance to reach the vet clinic or hospital is another significant aspect. Quick and convenient access to vet clinics is thus a selection criterion.

  • If a vet clinic or hospital in your area:
  • Accepts appointments for a routine checkup,
  • Provides treatment for any health issues, and
  • Has adequate infrastructure and expert vets to handle emergencies

That must be your first preference for holistic care for your pet. Choose a vet clinic near you for convenience. It saves time and helps you get intensive medical care for your pet whenever required.

GreatVet helps you find qualified, licensed, and experienced veterinarians near you and provides vet clinic and vet hospital details that you look for. You get information on:

  • The exact location,
  • Driving directions,
  • GreatVet Score,
  • Services,
  • Vet specialties, and
  • The office hours of the vet clinics.

GreatVet serves as your reliable companion, helping you select the best vets.
GreatVet offers many other features, such as-

  • Offers location-specific results through the ‘Find Veterinarian Near Me’ page.
  • Allows you to find vet clinics in the desired city, metro area, county, zip code area, or neighborhood.
  • Allows you to find emergency accommodation for your pets.
  • Allows you to look out for veterinary specialties.
  • Allows you to schedule an appointment with the desired vet clinic.

GreatVet strives to build harmonious relationships with veterinarians. It assures the best possible outcome for your pet in any situation.

GreatVet is an online veterinarian discovery platform. At GreatVet, we provide you with honest, transparent, and pet-focused data about veterinarians. GreatVet connects pet parents with practicing veterinarians in their localities and neighborhoods.

GreatVet works to help pet parents avail medical attention to their pet in its respective area.

The platform helps pet owners to navigate vet clinics and animal care hospitals. GreatVet offers a seamless way to find the best vet. We perform continuous analysis to check on the reputation of a vet by providing a GreatVet score using our in-house algorithms.

GreatVet matches qualified pet parents with the best-rated vets near them and help vets to promote their services, specialties, and grow their practice.

No. On GreatVet, you can vets depending upon the type of pet you own. All you have to do is to filter the results according to your requirements.

Before onboarding on GreatVet, vets go through an extensive interview, and only after the approval, they are verified.

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Yes. GreatVet offers precise driving directions to pet owners to easily reach the vet clinic utilizing the Global Positioning System embedded with the platform.

Whenever a pet owner clicks or taps on the ‘Driving Directions’ option from the desired clinic profile, his device location is traced automatically. Accordingly, the pet owners can view the map to reach the chosen vet clinic.

Driving directions make every vet visit convenient for pet owners. They can follow the instructions on the map to reach the clinic. This feature is beneficial during an emergency. The pet parents can take their pet to the desired vet clinic without asking the whereabouts of the clinic they wish to reach urgently.

Yes. GreatVet offers flexibility to veterinarians to update their clinic profiles at any time. The platform helps you timely update your clinic profile. An updated clinic profile with complete information creates a positive impression upon your prospects. It denotes that you are evolving your services to meet the pet owners’ needs.

What can you update?
You can update your clinic profile to add your new specialty.

Whenever you wish to add information to your clinic profile, talk to our GreatVet consultant. You can pass on the additional information to our consultant.

GreatVet team members have access to the admin portal. The updated information about your vet clinic will be added to your profile soon. Within a few days, your updated clinic profile will be visible on GreatVet.

GreatVet Quality Score and GreatVet Reputation Score are your prestigious badges to showcase on your website and other business profiles online. As you claim your clinic profile on GreatVet, you get a user-friendly dashboard to monitor your reputation score across various platforms.

GreatVet Score is a consolidated outcome considering your reviews online. It reflects first-party reviews on GreatVet, and third-party reviews on popular portals like Google, Facebook, and Yelp. As your online presence improves, you get more visibility and ultimately more patients.

Improved reach will gradually increase positive reviews about your clinic. Down the road, you can see an improvement in your overall reputation. Claim your clinic profile on GreatVet today!

At GreatVet, we select only the best veterinarians in any area. To verify vet clinics, team GreatVet conducts interviews with veterinarians claiming their profile or adding their profile to GreatVet.

GreatVet has stringent criteria to select a vet clinic. The platform considers:

  • Veterinarians’ qualifications, licenses, affiliations, and certifications.
  • Infrastructure in the vet clinic.
  • The overall experience of the vet.
  • Vet specialties and relevant expertise.
  • Services provided at a vet clinic.
  • Customer feedback across various online platforms on the vet and the clinic.

And much more.

GreatVet works with a multidimensional approach to help you grow your business. You must be wondering what benefits you get by being on GreatVet. Here are a few of them:

  • GreatVet allows you to update and enhance your clinic profiles at any time. As you add a specialty to your service portfolio, you can include that in the clinic profile on GreatVet.
  • Your targeted pet owners in your locality know you’re constantly evolving to meet their needs, and it creates a good impression upon them.
  • Make the most effective use of GreatVet badges to improve your credibility. You can display these badges on your website, social media profiles, and other online business profiles. The unified dashboard helps you build a robust online reputation.
  • GreatVet acts as the lead magnet for your veterinary services as it lets pet parents come to you. They can navigate your clinic while searching for a specialist, traveling through the area, or new in town. They can even find you based on multiple criteria such as the county, zip code, or neighborhood.
  • Marketing services from GreatVet enhance your reach and reputation. The platform helps you easily create a unique profile highlighting all you have to offer pets and their families.
  • Manage your bookings based on your availability and provide a better customer experience to pet parents using GreatVet’s online scheduling portal.

Do you have multiple clinics in different locations? You can promote all your clinics on GreatVet. You just need to claim your clinic profiles across all the places.
Follow these simple steps to claim your clinic profiles in multiple places:

  • Your clinic profiles across all the sites might be already included in the city or metro area pages on GreatVet.
  • Please search for all your clinic profiles through our search bar or ‘Browse Vets by Location’ options.
  • Click on the ‘View Profile’ options wherever your clinic name appears.
  • Click on the ‘Claim Your Profile’ option as you land on the clinic profile.
  • You get forms to fill in your clinic details.
  • Fill in the forms providing all the necessary information about your clinic.
  • Claim all the profiles across all your clinic locations.

Becoming one of the best-rated veterinarians listed on GreatVet is very easy! Simply claim your clinic profile by following this step:

Is your clinic listed on GreatVet and unverified? Click on the ‘claim your profile’ link within the clinic profile itself.

On clicking the button, you will land on a form. Fill up the required clinic details in the form and claim your clinic profile. Claiming your clinic profile helps you improve your online presence and help to acquire new pet patients.

GreatVet assists veterinary clinics and veterinarians in attracting more pet patients. It demonstrates the vets’ qualities and improves their digital presence to help them scale their practice. The online vet directory platform can help a veterinarian in a magnitude of ways:

  • The platform assists veterinarians in promoting their specialty, featured services, and other details to attract more pet parents as clients. GreatVet helps veterinarians build strong relationships with pet owners through effective, real-time communication with them. It is the platform where veterinarians can promote their services and obtain new patients.
  • GreatVet has a 360-degree management system for veterinarians to manage availability and appointments. It serves as vets’ online scheduling tool, displaying open appointment slots for instant bookings and managing all planned schedules.

To boost your clinic growth, GreatVet offers marketing services to the clinics.

Before onboarding on GreatVet, vets go through an extensive interview, and only after the approval, they are verified.

A veterinarian can promote his/her clinic, hospital, and veterinary center on GreatVet in order to promote their services to help pet parents.

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GreatVet strives to connect pets and their owners with the best-rated veterinarians in their area meeting their needs physically and emotionally at every stage of life. GreatVet believes that every pet should receive medical attention immediately when required.

GreatVet understands and respects the concern of every pet owner regarding the health and wellbeing of their furry friends. That’s why GreatVet aims to connect pets and their owners with the best-rated vets in their area, to get their queries, concerns, and problems resolved at the earliest.

The veterinarians listed on GreatVet are known for the expertise, experience, and personalized care they offer to pet patients. The platform lists verified clinic profiles to ensure the best-personalized care near your locality for your pets.

The GreatVet Score indicates what pet owners like you say about the particular clinic. We select veterinarians and vet clinics with a track record of personalized care for pet patients.

GreatVet helps you find vet clinics and hospitals accepting emergencies in your area. You can follow the steps to find emergency accommodation for your pet via GreatVet:

  • Choose from city, county, neighborhood, or zip code and type in the area name in the search bar on the homepage. That takes you to the page showing a list of vet clinics in your desired area.
  • Now, scroll down a bit to find the ‘Emergency Accommodation’ filter on your left-hand side.
  • Select from Clinic, Animal Hospital, and Urgent Care options. By clicking on any of the options, you can see a list of vet clinics and animal hospitals accepting emergencies.
  • Quickly browse clinic profiles, get their contact details and driving directions, and schedule an appointment for your pet..

GreatVet’s ‘Pets Cared for’ filter helps to choose from the following options:

  • Dogs
  • Fish
  • Birds
  • Small mammals
  • Reptiles & amphibians
  • Equine
  • Cow
  • Rabbit
  • Chicken

As you select the desired option, automatically, the list of clinics in your city, metro area, county, neighborhood, or zip code area will be curated to show you only the vet clinics that offer care for the chosen type of pet.

Then, you can browse clinic profiles, refer to their GreatVet Score, get their contact details, driving directions, and book an appointment for your pet in the desired vet clinic.

GreatVet is a data-driven online platform for finding veterinarians. The platform connects pets with veterinarians in a certain area. As a pet parent, you can search for veterinarians in your area by city, neighborhood, or zip code. Follow these steps to find a reputable veterinarian in your area:

  • You’ll see a search bar on the homepage: You can search for a veterinarian in your region by selecting City, County, Neighborhood, or Zip Code from the left portion of the search bar.
  • To obtain the top-rated vets’ list at your desired location, type the location name into the right-hand search field. When you start typing the name of a city, county, or neighborhood into the search field, an auto recommendation displays the relevant city, county, or neighborhood.
  • After entering the desired location, click on the ‘Search’ button. You will land on the page with a list of veterinarian clinics and hospitals nearby the location you have searched for.

From any of these search options, you can land on a page with a list of vet clinics in your area, and from there, you can click on the clinic profile. Just click on ‘View Profile.’ You’ll get a brief summary of the profiles, such as phone numbers, location, etc. Also, you can avail yourself of the driving direction or explore the website of the concerned vet clinics.

GreatVet helps find a clinic in a locality smoothly for pet owners; you can leverage all the required information in one unified place.

You can browse clinic profiles, get the GreatVet Score, clinic details, and driving directions. You can schedule an appointment with a vet based on your convenience. GreatVet allows the pet parents to find a vet of their choice based on the pet’s needs and specialties.

Before onboarding on GreatVet, vets go through an extensive interview, and only after the approval, they are verified.

Yes, you can find & filter the vets or animal hospitals according to your emergency. On GreatVet, all types of vets are registered.

GreatVet quality scores help you easily qualify the best local vet clinic or vet for your pet care needs. We’ve assembled the highest quality data that matters to you as a pet parent.

GreatVet has been specially designed to connect pet owners to the best and top-rated veterinarians in their area.

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