Monday, 01/10/2022

Puppy biting is natural, and it’s an inevitable part of having a puppy. However, you must train your puppy with bite inhibition at the right age. Here are some simple steps:

how to train a puppy to stop biting

Make a sound

If your puppy bites, make a high-pitched sound. Walk away from it by taking out your finger gently from its mouth.

Show sign of withdrawal

When your puppy tries to bite, stay away, turn around, and tuck your hands into your armpits.

Redirecting the instinct

Anticipating your puppy’s biting, keep your hands away and offer a chewy toy. That teaches the puppy what to bite or chew and what not.

Avoid its pouncing

If your puppy starts pouncing around you as you walk, keep a treat along your leg. That encourages it to walk along.

Place it in its crate gently

To stop puppy biting, place it in its crate gently to let it calm down.

Positive reinforcement

Reward your puppy with a pat or a treat when for being calm and quiet. That teaches it what behaviors you desire.

Let them exhaust the energy

If your puppy continues biting, take it to a yard and let it run around to exhaust its energy.

Consult a pet behaviorist

Hire a pro puppy trainer or consult a pet behaviorist to stop puppy biting.

Find a pet behaviorist at and schedule an appointment for your puppy.

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