Tuesday, 01/11/2022

Does your dog jump on you or your guests? It is a natural behavior of a pet out of excitement or attention. However, to erase this behavioral issue, you can consider following the tips:

Tips to Train Your Dog Not to Jump On Others

Teach your pet through training 

  • Have a child gate at your entrance to prevent your dog from reaching guests.
  • Use voice command and train it to go to its crate or mat when guests arrive.
  • Train your dog to sit or lie down as an alternate means of ‘greeting.’
  • Train your dog to lie down with a voice command like ‘Down.’

Command your dog

  • Turn around when your dog tries to jump and use a verbal command like ‘Off.’
  • Keep turning around and using the command till it stops following you.
  • Stand in front of your dog, holding a treat. And hide the treat when it jumps—using a verbal command like ‘Sit’ to calm it down and sit.

Offer treat

  • Offer treats as a reward when it follows your command. 
  • As it sits or follows your command, show affection by petting your dog.
  • When you anticipate its jump, pat it and offer a treat to redirect the dog’s attention to the object.

Leveraging dog training from an expert will reduce dog jumping and biting. If the behavior continues, consult an animal behaviorist.

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