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A German Shepherd dog will be the best choice if you are looking for a versatile breed. The breed is known for its loyalty, intelligence, and adaptability & the large dog breed is resilient, even-tempered, and highly protective.

Captain Max Emil Friedrich von Stephanitz, a German cavalry officer and a prominent dog breeder, gets the credit to create the German Shepherd Dog breed. Captain Max served as the first ever president of the Verein für Deutsche Schäferhunde (SV). Through his thorough research and practical experiments, he set the guidelines for the breed standard.

This article takes you through many exciting facts about this breed group. According to the American Kennel Club, if socialized and trained at the right age, the German shepherd dog can be a loving companion for its owners. Let’s check out various aspects of German Shepherds to understand their overall personality.

German Shepherd Appearance

Let’s start with the appearance of the dog breed. These attractive dogs have a noble character and are a pet parents’ delight for many reasons. These large dogs are considered wild dogs as they are intelligent, smart, and have a hunting instinct. They have a medium-length double coat making them look different and more attractive than most dogs.

Adult dogs are well-muscled, strong, and active dogs. You can develop them as service dogs, guard dogs, or family dogs through appropriate German Shepherd Training.

German Shepherd Personality

As mentioned earlier, German Shepherds are wild by nature – they are smart, intelligent, loyal, and resilient. Practical German Shepherd training at the right age plays a crucial role in developing their overall personality. It is called the Alsatian wolf dog but isn’t typically part wolf.

The average height of an adult male German Shepherd dog is about 25 inches, and for a female German Shepherd, it is 23 inches. The weight range for male or female GSDs is 75-95 lbs.

Based on your training, they can grow as excellent guard dogs, service dogs, herding dogs, guide dogs, or even great family dogs. However, as they possess the inner wild instinct, you need to be concerned not to let them develop aggressive behavior.

What Are the Best German Shepherd Breeds?

German Shepherds are the most sought-after breeds of German dogs. We can categorize the types of German Shepherd breeds as ‘Service Line’ and ‘Show Line,’ based on their overall instinct and purposes. 

We can find 5 types in the ‘Show Line’ based on the colors of their coats:

  1. White German Shepherds
  2. Black German Shepherds
  3. Sable German Shepherds
  4. Panda German Shepherds
  5. Saddle Coat German Shepherds

Is it a good decision to adopt a German Shepherd puppy?

Pet parents can find German Shepherds in animal shelters or German Shepherd rescues for adoption. Ensure the German Shepherd puppy you adopt is originally bred through german shepherd parents. Buying them from reputable breeders is also a good option.

The American Kennel Club considers this a versatile breed group. German Shepherd dogs have some unique characteristics that make them stand apart from other dogs.

When considering the average lifespan of a german shepherd – German Shepherds can live from 10 to 15 years.

Though German Shepherds are popular as military dogs, you can train them at the right age to make them great family dogs.

What are the American German Shepherd Facts?

One of the well-known German Shepherd facts is that most German Shepherds are active dogs. They can be working dogs, herding dogs, rescue dogs, and guard dogs if they start receiving obedience training at the right age. The dog breed was used as military dogs during the world war.

The loyalty, intelligence, courage, and confidence showcase the temperament of a German Shepherd. They are calm, caring, energetic, and respectful dogs. The characteristics of German Shepherds make them ideal service dogs and family dogs.

They have served as messenger dogs, anti-tank weapons by training to parachute from the aircraft, and more during World War II.

Similarly, German Shepherd dogs can be police dogs (search and rescue dogs) to search for explosives, narcotic objects; search and a rescue dog. Adult German shepherd dogs can be trained to participate in dog sports and a dog show.

These traits of German Shepherds denote that they are wild by nature but can be adaptable and used for various purposes through proper training.

However, this dog breed is known for shedding fur all year long. You may notice hair on the furniture, in their play area, and everywhere. That’s why they are fondly known as German Shedders. Maintaining a routine grooming session helps to deal with the issue. 

German Shepherd Grooming Needs

The German Shepherd dog breed requires moderate grooming. Grooming your German Shepherd puppy or dog allows you to have an overall health check on your furry friend.

Here are some grooming needs recommended by the German Shepherd Dog Club:

  • Brushing and Dental Care

Brush their teeth. Take them to a pet dentist for regular dental cleanups and checkups.

  • Bathing

Bathe white german shepherds and other German Shepherd dogs using an anti-shed shampoo to prevent frequent falling of dog hair.

  • Trimming Nails

German shepherds love itching and scratching. Therefore, trim their nails regularly to avoid damage to your furnishing and other households.

  • Cleaning Ears

Many German Shepherds are more prone to ear infections than other dogs, so clean their ears carefully.

Here is an infographic briefing the health issues German Shepherds are more prone to

10 German Shepherd Health Issues You Need Know

Consult a vet near you for German Shepherd health concerns

A veterinarian plays a critical role in keeping your German Shepherd dogs healthy, happy, and leading a long life. As mentioned in the above infographic, German Shepherds may be prone to genetic health issues and many other common to severe health issues. 

Therefore, having a list of experienced veterinarians near you to treat such health issues can be beneficial in the long run for pet parents.

Find the most reputed vet clinics near you leveraging GreatVet – the most trusted online vet discovery platform. Schedule an appointment for your German Shepherd puppy or dog for preventive checkups.

GreatVet helps you find the best vets in your area according to your German Shepherds’ needs. Find Vets in your city, metro area, neighborhood, county, or zip code area. Also, search for vet clinics accepting pet dogs based on vet specialties and for emergency accommodation swiftly and conveniently.

The Bottom Line

The article takes you through various crucial aspects of German Shepherd dog breeds. We hope that the information will be helpful if you already proudly own a German Shepherd or encourage you to adopt a German Shepherd dog from a reputable breeder or German Shepherd rescues.

Disclaimer: The content on the site is for educational purposes only, and it does not provide medical advice. The shared information must not be treated as a substitute for or alternative for medical practitioner advice, diagnosis, or treatment. Regarding any concerns about your pet’s health, seeking veterinary guidance is of utmost necessity. Each pet has specific health, fitness & nutrition needs. Do not disregard, avoid or delay pet health-related advice from veterinarians based on reading the information provided on this site.



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