Thursday, 04/29/2021

Hey pet lovers! I would like to share an experience which I am sure would help you in getting medical assistance for your furry pals whenever you need it.

The Rush

The frantic phone call from my son made me rush home, leaving my work unfinished.

Bruno’s Accidental Fall

Bruno, our pet dog, had fallen from the second floor through an under repair balcony. He was bleeding a lot, breathing heavily, and was in a lot of pain.

Panic Situation

I, my son Peter, and my neighbor John rushed him to our usual vet, but they did not have the equipment to treat his injuries.

Got The Right Hospital Nearby

John looked up quickly on the internet and on one site we found the details of a well-equipped veterinary hospital nearby.

Taking Bruno To The Veterinary Hospital

Within the next 30 minutes, Bruno was being wheeled into the emergency section of the hospital.

Professional Vets At Service

A Veterinary Surgeon, Dr. Maria spoke to us to understand what had
happened and took Bruno for a detailed diagnosis.

The Diagnosis

She explained to us the results of scans and Blood Reports. We were told that Bruno needs emergency surgery as he had several hairline fractures in his rear leg.

The Surgical Treatment

The Vet Surgery team took Bruno into the Surgery within 5-6 hours of the accident.

Peace of Mind

We were relieved as Bruno was now in safe hands.

The Process

The operation was successful. The doctor explained what was done in the procedure. They had used some bone plates, screws, and pins to join 8 pieces of Bruno’s bone.


Bruno was discharged after Dr. Maria explained the care he needs and post-surgical appointments.

Back Home

While driving back home, I asked John, my neighbor, how he found this hospital.

Location-Specific Vet Database –

John told us about, where pet owners can search for the best-rated vets and veterinary hospitals across the USA.


You can also log on to to find professional veterinarians, vet clinics, mobile vets, and veterinary hospitals in your area. Every pet owner must know this online platform to get medical help for pets in emergencies.