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Chiweenie puppies are tiny, and due to the small bladder, they can’t hold pee for a longer duration! Check out the following steps to potty train your Chiweenie puppy:

Restrict Your Puppy To One Area

  • Establish a ‘home base’ for your Chiweenie puppy to restrict it to one designated area.
  • Use small gates or a puppy playpen, or use a small room, like a laundry room, for potty training.


Set Feeding and Potty Schedule

  • Follow a strict schedule for feeding your puppy and for bathroom breaks.
  • Supervise ‘the bathroom breaks’; ensure that it doesn’t get distracted in the middle.


Schedule Frequent Walks

  • Take your puppy for walks multiple times in a day – when it wakes up, has food, drinks, and plays.
  • Offer a treat when it does the business outside; it helps the pet to learn the acceptable way to discharge.


Use Voice Commands

  • Use voice commands to potty train a Chiweenie.
  •  Use commands like ‘Outside!’ or ‘Potty!’ while taking it out.


Paper Training

  • Keep soaking potty pads near their sleeping area. 
  • Gradually increase the distance to take the pee pads outside the home.


Litter Box Training

  • Place your puppy into a litter box and wait. Reward them with a treat for using the litter box.
  • Encourage it to use it every time. Reward-based training helps to develop good habits. 

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