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I have two dogs, and since bringing my eldest home, I have gathered all sorts of gadgets that have helped me groom, train, and care for my pups.

It’s natural for dog owners to aspire to provide the best possible life for their furry companions, and fortunately, there are gadgets available that can significantly enhance the lives of both you and your beloved canine.

Importance of Keeping Gadgets

There are so many gadgets that can help dog owners with grooming, training, and keeping their dogs safe. Speaking from personal experience, having invested in various dog-related gadgets, I can confirm that certain ones have significantly impacted my life.

Different Gadgets for Different Applications

When you think of the word gadget, something electronic probably springs to mind; however, the term gadget actually covers any tool or product that helps make things easier. Why to make things more difficult for yourself, right?

In terms of dogs, gadgets come in the form of interactive toys, food, and water dishes, grooming tools, training tools, and safety tools.

General Gadgets for Canine Care

Luckily for dog owners, a litter box or a litter robot, as you’d have with a cat, aren’t necessary, that is, at least, if your dog is toilet trained. But there are some dog gadgets that will change the game for you as a canine owner, regardless of the size or the breed of your dog.

Smart feeding bowl

It’s not uncommon for dogs to become overweight because, trust me, my eldest Dachshund has certainly put on a few too many pounds over the years. Smart feeding bowls, however, can help with that problem as their built-in scales allow you to see just how much dry or wet food you’re putting into your dog’s bowl.

I now religiously, with the help of a smart feeding bowl, weigh out my dog’s food as although a chubby dog is all that more cuddly, I don’t want to cause him potential health problems in the future.

Automatic water bowl

With an automatic water bowl, your daily task (which is easy to forget) of changing your dog’s water turns into a weekly task, ensuring your pup has access to water and keeping your dog hydrated, even when you aren’t there.

Continuing on the topic of automatic bowls, automatic pet feeders are also something that is highly beneficial. A GPS tracker can give dog owners peace of mind by allowing them to track their dog’s location in real-time and receive alerts if their dog leaves a designated safe area.

My youngest dog, who is now over a year old, still religiously wakes up between the hours of 5:30 to 6:30 am, crying for his breakfast like the world is about to end.

Now, I don’t know why I put off getting a smart feeder for so long because, instead of doing the closed-eye, unstable walk down the stairs, I can now set a timer on the feeder or press a button on my phone, which releases his breakfast right into his bowl.

Dog collar or leash

A collar (with a contact tag) and a leash are two necessities of owning a dog because if your dog were to run away, the person who finds them could easily contact you. As you can find collars and leashes for just a few dollars, there really is no excuse, is there?


Does your dog hate the sound of thunder or fireworks? Unfortunately, a fear of loud noises is common in both small dogs and large dogs, but a gadget called the Thundershirt can help reduce anxiety in stressful situations.

Loud noises, travel, vet visits, and separation anxiety are all things that can send your dog into stress, but with the gentle pressure of the Thundershirt, your dog can remain calm during times of fear or over-excitement.

Electronic dog toy

My dog, Cooper, appears to possess boundless reserves of energy, and while I thoroughly enjoy playing with him, there reaches a juncture when my arm tires from repeatedly tossing his ball.

If your dog is anything like mine, then electronic interactive dog toys are just what you need to tire your furry friend out. With so many options out there, my favorite being an automatic ball launcher, pet owners can sit back, relax, and give their throwing arm a break.

Safety Gadgets for Dogs

Undoubtedly, your dog is your closest companion, and naturally, you desire to ensure their safety consistently, don’t you agree? From my perspective, safety gadgets are among the most valuable devices for dogs, as they provide owners such as yourself and me with peace of mind that our furry friends are secure, regardless of their location.

GPS tracker

GPS tracking collars like the halo collar are fantastic gadgets for dogs, especially if your dog is blind, deaf, or practicing his skills as the next Harry Houdini. With a GPS tracker, you can easily see where your dog is all the times, which is the reassurance all dog owners need, right?

Dog Camera

For dog owners, the feeling of wanting to keep a watchful eye on their furry friend is all too familiar. Luckily, with dog cameras that stream live video directly to your phone, you can do just that and ensure that your dog isn’t misbehaving in your absence.

Dog Seat Belt 

My dogs have always had a habit of jumping up and off the car seats while I’m driving, and since buckling them in with dog seat belts, I can now focus on the road with the reassurance that they’re safe in the back and won’t disturb me on our journey.

Pet temperature monitor for RVs and Cars

If your dog is lucky enough to head out on road trips in your car or RV, then pet temperature monitors are a must, as in the summer, temperatures indoors can soar.

With apps that connect straight to your phone, you can easily track the temperature inside your car, making sure your dog is comfortable and safe at all times, which is handy, right?

Grooming Gadgets for Dogs

While we previously listed the top 10 essential gadgets for dog owners, it’s important to note that there are five additional items that every owner should possess. After all, the more prepared you are, the more effectively you can care for your furry friend, isn’t that right?

Grooming tool/kit

It’s inevitable that you’ll be finding pet hair all over your house because, trust me, with my two dogs, there isn’t an inch of my home that is free of dog hair. So with grooming tools, you can at least minimize the amount of loose hair, all while giving your dog a wonderful pamper session that they no doubt deserve.

Pet bathing tool

During the summer months, when it’s warm enough to wash your dog outside, a pet bathing tool can really come in handy, especially if you have large breed dogs who will undoubtedly trace ample amounts of mud or sand throughout your entire home.

Likewise, you can also use the bathing tools in your shower or bathtub to keep your dog squeaky clean no matter what the weather.

Nail grinder 

I’ve always hated cutting my dog’s nails, as it gives everyone involved anxiety, me included. Using dog clippers to trim your dog’s nails can be risky and potentially harmful to your furry friend. That’s why nail grinders are an excellent alternative, as they are more precise, safer, and can help prevent accidents.

Training Gadgets for Dogs

Training your dog not only helps them to listen and follow your commands but also has a positive impact on their mental well-being, which benefits both you and your furry companion, wouldn’t you agree?

I’ve spent many a day training my dogs, hoping they’d be as obedient as those in the K9 police force (spoiler alert, we aren’t quite there yet), and during the process, there have been some specific gadgets that have really helped both parties along.

Dog training Clicker

If you don’t want to tire out your voice box repeating the word “yes” over and over, then dog clickers are the way to go, as by a simple click of a button, your dog will know they performed the task you desired, which couldn’t be any more simple, could it?

Dog treat pouch

Dog treat pouches are a lifesaver when training as they store away your treats, leaving your hands free to hold your dog’s leash.

I’m one who gets flustered in semi-stressful situations, and I’ve found that having my hands free to hoist up my trousers, scratch my nose, or pet my dog when he’s done something right has really helped my stress levels during the training process.

Activity tracker

Activity trackers for dogs operate similarly to human activity tracking watches by monitoring your dog’s exercise, sleep, and behavior. This provides valuable insight into your dog’s overall well-being.


I’m a huge believer in gadgets because, as that saying goes, “work smarter, not harder,” right? If I can find anything that will make my life easier, you bet I will give it a go, and that includes gadgets that will help me care for my dogs as efficiently as possible.

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